Dengue Fever in Delhi

It is again that time of the year.

The deadly Dengue virus is busy stalking its prey in Delhi and adjoining areas. The hospitals are struggling to find beds to accomodate people who want to get admitted, many out of fear rather than a positive diagnosis. The blood banks are busy dispensing blood and platelets to an increasingly desperate patient population. The pharmacists are busy stocking and dispensing anti viral medications to all and sundry.

Dengue has almost become an annual phenomenon in Delhi. It is around this time, when the monsoons are at their fag end when Delhi gets its share of Dengue. The municipal authorities are busy defogging the city, releasing large advertisements in local newspapers advising citizens to ensure that they do no have stagnant water bodies at home and that they remain covered head to toe so that the dreaded aedes mosquite does not get an opportunity to bite. I am sure the chief minister will soon be broadcasting appeals on the local radio and TV stations asking people to watch out against the mighty ‘aedes’ mosquito, which strikes during the day. The opposition politicians will also soon get into the act by blaming the ruling politicos for not taking enough precautions and subjecting the hapless citizens of Delhi to this menace. In short the Dengue circus has been unleashed on Delhi.   Continue reading