The Apathy of Delhi Hospitals Towards the Poor

Poor PatientsThe Delhi High Court has been after private hospitals in Delhi to honour their commitments regarding the treatment of the poor, but sadly to no avail. The hospitals are just not willing to treat poor for free, a condition that they agreed to while accepting land from the government at hugely subsidised rates. In-spite of the Delhi high court directing the hospitals time and again to fill up the beds for the poor, the hospitals are dragging their feet by hiding behind every legal loophole that they can find.

For the uninitiated here is the story. As many as 38 private hospitals in the city managed to get land at subsidised rates from the government under the condition that they will treat certain number of poor patients free of cost. The list of these hospitals today read the whose who of the hospitals in the city. However, once these hospitals commenced operations, they never honoured their part of the bargain. Thus the poor continue to be unwelcome in these hospitals, while beds reserved for them either remain empty or are filled up with full paying patients. This needless to say is criminal.   Continue reading

Why Singh is Kinng

Last week my wife dragged me to a late night screening of Singh is Kinng (featuring the inimitable Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif) at a nearby multiplex. I was reluctant to go as I had read reviews of the movie in the popular Hindustan Times and the Times of India, who had panned the movie essentially as mindless drivel.

As I sat through the movie, it dawned on me that sometimes ‘mindless drivel’ can also be entertaining!. The movie does not have a real storyline yet it does not have a dull moment. It is quite an incredible entertainer.    Continue reading