Healthcare Relationship Marketing Programs for the Elderly

Healthcare Marketers instinctively know that their largest customer segment is the elderly. Healthcare spends increase significantly in the older people and they need a wide range of healthcare services. As life expectancy increases across the globe the burden of disease also seems to be increasing at least in the burgeoning population of the older people.

The real challenge now is to ensure that while we live longer, we also live healthier. Lifestyle choices have an important role in determining the state of our health in the twilight years. However, as we grow older it is only natural for us to fall prey either to the ravages of time or to silently lurking diseases, which remained at bay earlier when our body’s ability to withstand their onslaught was higher.   

Healthcare Marketers attempt to connect with the elderly in many ways. In India, most hospitals have failed to put together an effective CRM program, which addresses the needs of the elderly in a systematic manner. The reasons for this, in my experience are many.   Continue reading