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Kashmir May 2009 004Almost 20 years to the day we were in Kashmir once again.

Kashmir has been our family’s favourite holiday destination by a long shot. The last time I was there with my family comprising of my parents and sister was in June 1989. I had just graduated from high school and was awaiting the results of my Engineering entrance examinations.

I did not know it then, it was a sort of coming of age trip for me. Soon I would head away from home to join the engineering college, the valley will burst into flames and my uncle who lived in the valley (he was a Professor at the Kashmir University), would pack his bags and leave to settle down in Delhi.  My sister would start at the medical school in Aligarh, my father would retire from work and eventually move from Indore to settle down in Lucknow. Life would change forever.

However, we knew nothing of this then.   Continue reading