Akkriti Bhatia and healthcare services in our Schools

modern-schoolHere is the tragic case of Akkriti Bhatia, a 17 year old  school girl, who died yesterday after collapsing in her school. The Hindustan Times reports that Akkriti complained of breathlessness to her classmates, who then called her mother to send a car to fetch her. Apparently when the car arrived, Akkriti requested her teacher’s permission to go home. The teacher realising that she was seriously ill sent her off to the nearby Holy Angels Hospital, where she was declared ‘brought dead’. Akkriti, it seems died on her way to the hospital.

This is a tragedy that could have been easily averted. Akkriti was an asthamatic child. This was known to the school authorities. Yet it seems there was no one in the school, who had the sense to realise that the girl was in acute respiratory distress and someone needed to call an ambulance. Apparently the school by way of medical support had a medical room and a nurse, and the young girl was administered oxygen in the medical room. Curiously enough when her mother’s car came to pick her up, she was taken off the oxygen cylinder and was sent to the hospital gasping for breath accompanied by the school nurse and another student!   Continue reading