The Goody Thing

jade-goodySo Jade Goody wants to go out with a big bang, right on television watched by millions, one last hurrah in front of the ever familiar Television audience. 

To most people this would appear macabre, quite insane. Death, like life must be respected and to make a spectacle of it is wrong. Cancer is a terrible illness. It is relentless, painful and debilitating. It must be fought with courage and dignity and most importantly in private. Losing the battle on television with millions watching is akin to gaining some really cheap publicity and sympathy.

Hospitals where Jade is undergoing treatment must stay away from all this. To allow cameras and lights while Ms. Goody receives her chemotherapy, in the ICU, where she lies emaciated and spent with a feeding tube and where she breathes her last, would be a great injustice to the noble science of medicine. It would be like the hospital colluding in this great farce. 

Hospitals must never move away their solemn duty of caring and nursing sick patients to health, providing succor to those afflicted by terrible diseases, giving hope and courage to those terminally sick so that they face death with courage and equanimity. For a hospital to veer away from this and participate in a circus on national television, just because a patient desires so, would be very wrong.

I wish Ms. Goody would get some sane advise from her friends and care providers so that she spends her last few months in the privacy of her hospital room and home  surrounded by people who love and care for her.

Mocking and demeaning death by making it a sordid ‘tamasha’, a reality show with an inevitable tragic outcome is a bad idea.



One thought on “The Goody Thing

  1. Hi! Anas, I agree with your point of you. As humans we should not indulge in such cheap publicity gimmicks. It is unfortunate.

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