Our Attitude Towards Mental Health

mental-health-cartoon Mental Illness in many societies across the globe including India is considered to be the  wrath of God, a punishment for past sins and people with these problems are often  shunned. Psychiatrists, are also often looked upon as ’emotionally unstable’ characters lost  in their own worlds. The practice of Psychiatry is considered to be ‘unscientific’, ‘imprecise’  and ‘ineffective’. A study published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine last year  titled ‘Beliefs and Attitudes towards Mental Health among Medical Professionals in Delhi’ revealed some of these and other sorry facts.

The study was conducted in 3 medical teaching institutions in Delhi and had a sample size of 76 doctors working in these institutions. A questionnaire was used to gather information about their attitude towards mental illness, knowledge about the causes of mental ailments and the treatment modalities.   Continue reading