The Family Physician Revisited

This is the era of specialisation, nay super specialisation and more. In healthcare services, the immediate casualty of this madness has been the family physician. And what a loss it has been.

During my childhood and teenage, which happened in the eighties, we always had Dr. Bajpai as our family physician. Dr. Bajpai had a clinic in the MG Road area in Indore, where we lived. He also ran a clinic from his residence and we were regular visitors at both these places. His residence was closer to ours and we would visit him there more often. I still recall his magnificent dog ‘Sultan’, who would invariably greet us with his loud barks. Dr. Bajpai was a kindly soul, who would usually prescribe simple oral medicines and we would be back in school in a day or two. I do not recall being asked to submit to the needle too often or visit a radiologist for X-Rays. The only time we were sure of needles, was when we would be taken to him for cuts and bleeds. He would get his ancient compounder to give us a tetanus shot. After this trauma, our mother would buy us a Limca from a neighbouring store (Ratan Sweets if I recall correctly)   Continue reading