Customer Experience at the Web World

Yesterday evening I needed to buy an Internet Data Card. I walked into the store of Reliance Communications (The Webworld) at the New Friends Colony community centre in New Delhi at around 0730 PM. I knew that the store closes at 8 PM.

I found an almost deserted store.

An executive was busy stacking the CD’s of some movies on the Big Flix counter. He paid me no attention. I hesitatingly approached another individual who was busy watching television on a newly installed ‘BIG  TV’ screen. The gentleman curtly informed that there was no one available to sell me the data card.

When I remonstrated that I needed the card urgently as I was traveling to Mumbai the next day, I was told that the cards have been locked away by the sales person and he has already left for the day. When I pointed out that the store remains open till 8 PM, I was told that on Sundays executives leave earlier. No reasons were ascribed to this. The body language indicated that this is the way things were and I better accept it.

I than asked to speak with the store manager. I was informed that no one was available and when I requested for the store manager’s phone number I was told to go and get it from someone in the basement. When I reminded this gentleman that I was a customer, and he needed to get me the number, he reluctantly went downstairs and returned with a number.

I promptly called up this number and discovered that the number did not work!

By then another gentleman had turned up from the basement and he indicated that he was the Customer Care Executive. He too said that he was helpless and absolutely nothing could be done about my request. He also informed me that the store manager whose number has been given to me was on leave and not available on the phone!

When I asked for the number of the Head of Customer Care or any other senior official I was informed by the ‘customer care executive’ that no number of any other Reliacnce official was available with him.

Finally left with no choice I departed feeling outraged and disgusted.


2 thoughts on “Customer Experience at the Web World

  1. Hi Anas

    Please use the Mobile Office Service in your already existing Mobile Connection. Activation though a pain, is still far less painful than what you have described.

    Let me know if you want help on this.

  2. I had been following up with one of the webworld in new-panvel for one of my prepaid number that had been deactivated for not providing the documents i.e my photograph, i was really in need to get the prepaid services activated and i handed over my photograph to an executive of the web-world on thursday evening i.e.2nd october 2008 and she told me that the documents will be sent the next day morning to the H-office and the services will be active by saturday i kept following the customer care serviceat *333 to find out about the activation but was of no use cause the documents were not received, i visited the web- world on saturday evening the same executive said that it will take some more time and asked me to wait one more day, so i approached her the next day morning on sunday again the same story, i then made a visit on monday the same executive told me sir im sorry but your forms have been dispatched on saturday your services will be restored my monday night at 10.00 pm atlast the services was restored on wednesday after lodging a complaint against the web-world with the customer care.
    in short there is a poor monitoring across the web-world where some one has to figure it out
    for a better customer relation..

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