A Hospital Experience By Design

Dr. Anil Bhan is an accomplished cardiac surgeon based in New Delhi. He was till recently the director of Cardiac Surgery at the upscale Max Hospital and has now moved to Batra Hospital, which is an older establishment and certainly no match for Max Hospital in spit and polish and customer service. The staff is not as well trained, or smartly turned out and lacks the quite efficiency, which characterises patient service at Max Hospital.

Recently the father of a close friend of mine needed bypass surgery. I unhesitatingly recommended Dr. Bhan. We went to see Dr. Bhan at his office at Batra hospital. As usual he inspired confidence and my friend and his father were both in agreement that Dr. Bhan was the best bet for them. We checked out the room where he was to stay after the surgery, enquired about the critical care support, blood bank and the nursing care. As we were stepping out my friend whispered that he wished Dr. Bhan was operating at some other hospital.

This of course is all in the mind. There was nothing that we found wrong with Batra Hospital. It was just that the hospital experience that he was hoping for seemed a long way off.   Continue reading