Why Singh is Kinng

Last week my wife dragged me to a late night screening of Singh is Kinng (featuring the inimitable Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif) at a nearby multiplex. I was reluctant to go as I had read reviews of the movie in the popular Hindustan Times and the Times of India, who had panned the movie essentially as mindless drivel.

As I sat through the movie, it dawned on me that sometimes ‘mindless drivel’ can also be entertaining!. The movie does not have a real storyline yet it does not have a dull moment. It is quite an incredible entertainer.   

The whole idea of a country bumpkin running around in exotic places such as Egypt and Australia, while trying to reform an oddball ‘don’ (based in Australia) from the same village in Punjab  is outlandish. The don also has hangerons with strange peccadilloes. The characters are well fleshed out and perform in the same ‘meaningless’ irreverence that is the characterstic of the film.

Most of the characters including the dons and their oddball hanger ons as well as the country bumpkins are portrayed as colourful sikhs with phosphorescent turbans, weird wardrobes and a rich and loud vocabulary. All this lends credence to the theme of ‘irreverence’.

One last word to the revered film critics who tend to get a little too impressed with the ‘new age’ arty cinema, which is always highly rated. I would suggest that the films be also reviewed on their ‘entertainment value’. Their are plenty of viewers who enjoy this kind of cinema and would not be seen dead watching a more high bro and ‘intellectual’ movie. This does not in anyway make these viewers less ‘intellectual’ than those who watch more ‘meaningful’ films.

I certainly enjoyed Singh and Kinng and would happily recommend it to anyone who wishes to escape for a couple of hours into the entertaining world of utter nonsense.


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